Submitted by: vickii-siu Hello! My name is Victoria :) 22 years old. Height: 5”4feetStarting Weight: 138lbs Current Weight: 124 lbs started at May 2014 :].Stay strong, stay focus. Life will always throw things at you that makes you stumble and fall off the track. That’s fine. Take a break, eat more if you want, rest an extra day if you feel like it- Just don’t give up. The tumblr fitspo community has helped me so much. In the real world, none of the people around me are as supportive or understanding. Can you relate? They stare at you with amusement when you choose water over pop, or a salad for a side instead of fries. They say things like “No, we can’t go eat at Denny’s, because [Your name] here is on a DIEETT.” (like it’s their burden and not yours). I don’t know am I the only one, but I would feel my failures seem to make certain people in my life happier. If it weren’t for the fitspo community at Tumblr, I probably long given up. Come hang with me! I need you, and who knows, maybe you need me? ;) #creepy I don’t think I have reached the point of motivating/inspiring others yet, but you’re reading this- you certainly inspire me! If you’ve decided to change your lifestyle around, and to focus on health and a happier person, then you have inspired me. Stay strong, it will feel hard at first, but soon you’ll find yourself enjoying the workouts and clean foods over lazing around/junk. I used to crave cigarettes, SPAM, and instant noodles. Now I wanna chow on sweet potatoes/yams and cucumbers whenever I can. 
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hearing a really good song for the first time


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